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Baked Porridge with Blueberries

25 minutes 6-8 Servings

A well balanced, deliciously satisfying breakfast. I love this one because I can prep it ahead of time and then just reheat it for a couple of minutes in the morning.

1.5 cups Jumbo Oats

3 cups nut milk

50g sunflower seeds

50g pumpkin seeds

2 tbsp flaxmeal

2 tbsp toasted desiccated coconut

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 cup blueberries (or any berries or raisins)

20g butter or coconut oil

Yoghurt, coconut yoghurt, tahini to serve

All the ingredients above can be found at Scoop Wholefoods

Simple add all the ingredients to a large bowl, mix well and pop in the oven for around 20 minutes.

You want the top to turn a light golden colour.

Serve with a dollop of yoghurt, coconut yoghurt and/or tahini.

This is a great recipe which you can mix up as you please, by adding different fruits, nuts, seeds etc.