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Black Bean Kitchari

2 hours 6 Servings

Get into the groove of cooking some delicious, healthy meals this lockdown. This fragrant dish is easy to whip up yet super tasty.

3 tbsp ghee (or coconut oil)*

1 large onion chopped

4cm piece of ginger grated

4 garlic cloves minced 

2 tsp nigella seeds (optional)*

2 tsp mustard seeds*

2 tsp fenugreek seeds*

2 tsp fennel seeds*

2 tsp cumin seeds*

2 tsp ground turmeric*

1 tsp ground coriander*

½ tsp ground cumin*

1 tsp fine himalayan salt*

1 tsp cracked black pepper*

2 bay leaves*

1 ½ cups brown or black rice *

2 cups crushed black beans (or 5 cups cooked black beans)*

4 cups chopped vegetables of your choice 

6 cups chicken bone broth or vegetable broth *

5 cups water

1 can coconut cream*

Fresh coriander, chutney & yoghurt to serve 


All ingredients with an * can be found at Scoop Wholefoods

  1. Heat ghee or coconut oil in a large pot over low heat.
  2. Add the seeds and spices and cook for 2-3 minutes until fragrant.
  3. Next add the garlic and onion and cook until translucent and beginning to brown.
  4. I crushed dried black beans in my Vitamix, however if you don’t have a powerful food processor then use the cooked beans instead and half the broth, water and coconut cream.
  5. Add your black beans, rice and veggies and stir before adding the broth, water and bay leaves.
  6. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a gentle simmer until beans and rice are cooked. This will depend on whether you used dry crushed beans or cooked beans. Add extra liquid if needed.
  7. Last add the coconut cream and cook until creamy.
  8. Serve hot with optional coconut yoghurt, chutney, coriander or even poppadoms and naan.